Welcome! I’m Bill.


I’m the guy in the video:




I was 16 when I first discovered tap dance.

I’ve been making noise with my feet ever since; teaching, choreographing and performing all over the world.


Just fixing my hat.


Over my years as a tap dance teacher, I’ve spent a lot of time refining my teaching method;
I’ve pulled apart the crucial ‘tools’ that every tap dancer needs, and have discovered how to teach them in a way that makes sense.




A few years back, I began the pain-staking (but hugely rewarding) task of converting this knowledge into video format.


The result is Just TAP.



Just TAP has helped thousands of people of all ages to discover the magic of tap dance.


Each day, I receive emails from students all over the world, sharing their story of how the video course series has helped them find (or remember) a new happiness in their lives. It truly warms my heart.


Course screen shots:

But, a confession:

I created Just TAP for myself.


…my 16-year-old self. The same 16-year-old who discovered videos of tappers like Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Gregory Hines, and shows like Dein Perry’s: Tap Dogs and knew beyond any doubt that he had to tap dance, despite having absolutely no idea how to begin.


I can honestly say: Just TAP is the tool I wish I had when I was starting out.


Rehearsals for Derek Deane’s ‘Strictly Gershwin’


Tap dance is a rare form of magic. Whenever people see it, they stop to watch. It is an art form we all love, and secretly wish we could do.



If you have ever experienced the ache of wishing to tap dance, then this course was created for you. I have set out to give you the most comprehensive, relevant and effective introduction to tap dance possible. Use it as a secret weapon to help you get started, and come back to it as a point of reference whenever you need to.


I’m thrilled to say that I’m proud of Just TAP, and I think you’ll love it. I truly hope the courses help you discover a new, exciting source of wonder and magic in your life.


I look forward to seeing you inside!



Bill Simpson
Creator of Just TAP.




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“You only have two feet and four taps to make magic.”
– Peggy Ryan