How to tap dance - A video course


How to tap dance - A video course


It doesn’t cost you a thing.



A new online video course, crafted with care and expertise to teach beginners the fundamentals of tap dance.


It makes tap easy & fun. It builds confidence & motivation to join a class, & removes the fear of embarrassment.


More eager students, more time for classes you want to teach, & we’ll pay you for each student of yours who does the course. Seriously.


To my fellow dance teachers and dance school owners, How to tap dance - Bill Simpson


Hi! I’m Bill.


What the ‘Just TAP’ course does is simple: It gives first time tappers everything they need to attend their first tap class with confidence, including:


– The fundamental beats, principles and steps.
– Commonly used terminology + known variations.
– Practice hints and tips.
– And much more.


I have invested over a year researching, writing, filming and editing the course, and I’m very proud of how it’s turned out. What’s more…it works. People love it, and upon completing the course, they feel inspired and excited to learn more.


The course is designed for people aged 16 to 116, but is appropriate for children & teenagers.


Check out more information about the ‘How to tap dance for beginners’ course.


How this can help you:

As you know, beginner adult students are often quite nervous and self-conscious about attending their first dance class, resulting in many giving up quickly, or worse, not trying it at all. What’s more, to someone who’s never tried tap, it looks intricate and difficult to learn. With the Just TAP Absolute Beginner Course, they learn the basics at their own pace, in their own space, building their confidence and motivation. The course is fun, inspiring, and gets them excited to do more. Their next step? Attend a beginner tap class; your beginner class.


As dance school owners, we all know the importance of have a solid base of beginners, as these dancers eventually become our Intermediate and Advanced students.


In addition, we are offering a generous affiliate program, where for every student that you send our way who purchases the course, you will receive 50% of the net sale amount. Yup. We’ll go halves. It’s all automated, secure and reliable, simple to set up, and can start making you money very quickly. Once it’s set up, all you have to do is promote it to your network.


How does it all work? Check out more information on the Just TAP affiliate program.


Is this for me?

If you have an Absolute Beginner class/course that you love to teach that’s working for you, then rock on. You probably don’t need what I’m offering.


But we all know that people love tap dance, and that many (if not most) people secretly want to learn. I believe there is an un-tapped* market of eager but shy students throughout the world, who would jump at the chance to discover tap dance. *Yes, that pun was intentional.


If you’d like to fill your beginner tap classes, make a generous commission on an exciting new product for very little effort, then Just TAP  may well be your answer.


In case it hasn’t come across yet, I am genuinely passionate about tap dance and about helping more people discover it. It makes me happy. I’m keenly interested in helping you get more students, and if the course can also help you free up time and generate additional cash-flow in the process, then that makes me extra happy.


Get started!

If you’re interested, the process is super-duper-simple:


Drop us an email at Tell us a bit about yourself, where you’re based, and what you’re up to in the dance world.


Hopefully that explains it all. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!



Review of ‘Just TAP’

Joshua Lucas
Tap dance Teacher & Dance School Owner

Learn to tap dance for Beginners

“It is so refreshing as a teacher to utilise an additional resource and still be able to learn a new approach to tackling some “beginner” tap problems. The ‘Just TAP’ program is a visual teaching aid that allows beginners in tap to feel like they can go at their own pace. I loved the comment “it’s never to late to start”.


Building confidence and patience are important factors when starting out with tap. ‘Just TAP’ acts as a mentorship program to guide students through the basic principles and fundamentals of tap. The program does a fantastic job of describing some difficult concepts such as weight distribution, tapping faster and the importance of having a practice plan whilst keeping it realistic and consistent.


I am very impressed with the way that tap terminology and vocabulary was covered (it is often neglected). It gave me a new inspiration on how to start my classes; relax and remove all tension. The counting-in, the visuals of the body break-down and the time changes in speed give beginner students substantial content in understanding the basics.


Thank you for providing a resource for people to practice in their own home, so they can then talk the same language, and simply enjoy the magic of tap.”